Microfilter was started in 1996, in South Korea as a dedicated water filter technology and manufacturing company.

They supply water filters across the globe and have been a supplier to Samsung and LG since 2007.

Microfilter has attained performance and quality certifications from bodies such as NSF in the USA, WRAS and UKAS in the UK, Watermark in Australia and CE across Europe.

Microfilter have many filter ranges including the FX and VH-IEN.

The FX range is specifically designed to remove chlorine taste and odour components, cysts, bacteria and microplastics greater than 0.1 micron in size.

The VH-IEN range is specially designed for scale reduction and offers Microfilters PH stabilising ion exchange resin technology and variable head technology. This design allows water by-pass levels to be set to suit water quality inflow and outflow requirements.

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