Recycling filters has never been easier thanks to H2O Direct environmental programme. The importance of looking after our planet and being responsible for waste plastics has always been paramount to their business model and has now been expanded.

Recycling since 2017, H2O Direct offers their customers the ability to recycle the IEN and VH-IEN models of their filters. The useful components within the filter that can be reused are separated and the remaining plastic is ground up and turned into pellets ready for recycling into other products.

The capability to recycle water filters is fundamental to helping reduce plastic waste with 98% of materials recycled which generates a saving of over 120 tonne of would be used CO2 and 6.7 million plastic cups equivalent.

The facility to recycle the filters also offers H2O Directs’ clients the opportunity to deliver a strong message to their own customers that they are committed to an industry wide pledge to reduce plastic waste through the supply of H2O Direct water filters.

H2O Direct customers simply need to contact the main office to discuss your requirements and let them help you reduce you business’s environmental impact.

H2O have partnered up with Ecologi, an Environmental organization, who are focused on planting trees and funding the world’s best carbon offsetting solutions on a worldwide basis.

Since the beginning of 2021, Ecologi have planted over 6 million trees across the world and have also funded fantastic schemes all over the world to offset carbon footprints.

From September 2022, H2O Direct will offer customers the chance to plant their very own trees and will also fund the planting of 25 trees for every bag of filters returned to them for recycling.


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