Long Term Decommissioning of Filters

Due to the high-tech resin and carbon in the IEN Filters, there is little need to flush the filters after inactivity of a coffee machine unless that period exceeds 1 month/4 weeks.

As per the guidelines of the WHA (Water & Hydration Association) and WE (Watercoolers Europe) any water or drinks dispenser that has a filter should be drained or flushed after the filter which includes the dispenser. Drainage/Flushing is not necessary in hot water dispensers that are set above 85°C.

After a 4-week period of inactivity the filters should be flushed through for the below minimum amounts in Litres.


Rinsing Volume Per Filter Model
Inactivity Time 1 Day to 4 weeks Ø  4 Weeks
IEN/VH-IEN 1500 0 6L
IEN/VH-IEN 3000 0 12L
IEN/VH-IEN 6000 0 18L
IEN/VH-IEN 9000 0 24L


Filter Exchange can be kept to Maximum capacity of Resin – NOT 12 months


  • All filters can be flushed manually by turning off filter feed or removing cartridge. Removing the outlet pipe to the head and using a short 30cm 3/8 tube to a bucket or container.
  • It would be advisable to fit an inline 3/8 isolation valve prior to the filters – or purchase our “Flush valve” and fit after the filter to make this easier in the future.

Flush Valve only £2.50 per unit.

Water Quality in hot drink production

One of the biggest issues in the hot drink vending industry today is a problem that the industry has been trying to deal with for over 40 years.

The Water!

To make a great tasting coffee or tea you need to have great tasting water and this has always been a contentious and problematic issue for the coffee and tea vending industry due to the many issues with taste and also machine reliability.

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Importance of Water Filtration

GWCA Tabletop Show Review


H2O Direct recently visited Hamburg for the GWCA tabletop show. The German Water Cooler Association hosted a tabletop show at the Marriott Hotel in Hamburg, together with their AGM. The show was well attended by their own members as well as many other operators/suppliers from across Europe. Existing customers in Germany joined H2O for a business lunch where future plans and developments could be discussed.

H2O to exhibit at GWCA

H2O Direct will be attending the German Watercooler Association exhibition on Friday 4th May in Hamburg. As H2O has broadened its customer base to Europe, this is an ideal opportunity to see their German customers in one place.



Vendex Midlands Show 2018

Tuesday 24th April was the day to be at the National Motorcycle Museum as it was the first Vendex exhibition of the year. As always, the event was very well attended with visitors from all over the world. The new Whi Caffe machine went down well and was in demand all day.

H2O Direct Launch the New “Acqua Pulita ICE-20 Filter”

H2O Direct Launch the New “Acqua Pulita ICE-20 Filter”

For along time now customers have been asking us to design and build water filters for Ice Machines.
After many months of designing and quality testing H2O Direct are pleased to launch the New Acqua Pulita Ice-20 water filter.
This filter comes as a replacement cartridge but a metal head with 3/8″ NPTF connections can be purchased within our online shop. The ICE-20 filter will also fit some other compatible heads.

UK Distributors of the OP Crates

H2O Direct have now been appointed to be the UK Distributors of the OP Crates

H2O Direct have now been appointed to be the UK Distributors of the OP Crates

Where metal racks rust and wooden pallets splinter, OPcrates are robust and do not dent or deform.

The crates are made of durable, easy to clean and recyclable food approved plastic which prevents mould, is extremely hygienic and meets HACCP requirements.

The robust construction makes it possible to stack OPcrates 12 high with full 19-litre (5-gallon) bottles and 20 high with empties

OPcrates can be transported with either a fork-lift truck or a low hand pallet truck.

OPcrates increase the lifespan of your bottles by providing a safe and hygienic storage solution and in the event of damage, it is possible to replace only the damaged OP crate