Sediment filter for protection from dirt, high TDS and rust within water. First line of defence against particulate matter in water.

Sediment is a generic term for all the particulate matter in your water that is not liquid and this filter range captures and removes this. Flakes of rust can enter your water supply from corroded galvanized plumbing as well as rainwater can carry silt, clay, soil, and grains of sand into your well groundwater supply. It prohibits all this solid particulate from entering your water supply and impeding the performance of your water filtration systems.

Sediment filters exist in a multitude of applications such as restaurants and coffee shops use sediment pre filters to ensure the quality of their food and beverages, whilst whole house filtration systems use sediment filtration to eliminate particulate matter from entering the home.


  • 5 Micron filter for extra protection
  • Helps make other filtration systems last longer
  • Eliminates large dirt particles
  • Compatible with other ranges of filters to create ‘dual filter system’
  • TDS Reduction
  • NSF approved
Sediment in a glass of water
Hand feeling the sediment in water